National Certificate: Television Production (NQF level 5)
National Certificate: Film and Television Production (NQF level 5)
The purpose of the qualification is to ensure specialist competence in all the disciplines related to television production, including camera, lighting, vision control, vision mixing, editing, recording, sound and captioning competence, with the elective component allowing for this specialisation.

The qualification addresses competence for single and multi-camera television productions.

Qualified learners can enhance television products through creativity, quality control, suggestions (e.g. regarding shots) and understanding the effect of their decisions on other people in the  television production process. They are capable of complex tasks within their specific contexts, and can make critical decisions in strenuous environments. They can critically evaluate their own area of responsibility within the context of the full process, and can identify problem areas.

They understand their role in the overall context and the industry. They can operate the full functionality of equipment/machines, and can do this for a range of equipment/machines. Qualified learners apply their own methods and understand their area sufficiently to contribute to others.

The core components of the programme are compulsory. They include the following skills programmes:

  Skills Programme 1: Television Production Studies
  Skills Programme 2: Television Production Team Management

In addition, the elective learning component will allow learners an employable competence in either:
  Skills Programme 3: Editing and Post-Production
  Skills Programme 4: Production
  Skills Programme 5: Scriptwriting
  Skills Programme 6: Video Camera Operation
  Learners need to have completed grade 12. They will need to have passed mathematical
   literacy, communication and language and physical science at grade 12 level.  In addition,
   they will need to be computer literate at a grade 10 level.


  Learners will need to have completed the FET Certificate in Film, Television and Video
   Production Operations (NQF 4)
FET Certificate Programme: Film, Television and Video Production Operations (NQF level 4)
National Certificate Journalism (NQF Level 5)
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